I’m Kristin, a scientist with a serious case of wanderlust. I’m also a lover of volunteer work. My greatest passions include working with animals and the environment and I find myself happiest doing work I don’t get paid for. This doesn’t bode well for the bank account but it does do something for the spirit.

Growing up I found I had a knack for foreign languages and for math and science (let the dualities start to appear). But in choosing a career path, I opted for the science route earning a degree in Physics and a graduate degree in Math. This eventually landed me in the ever growing world of data science.

As truly fascinating and fun and exciting as this work is, my heart yearns to travel and do more to help the earth and its depleting resources. These concerns strain the lives of all who inhabit this world. I have been vegan for the last six years of my life. It is very important to me to try and take responsibility for my existence here on this planet and this is one way I try to accomplish this.

I am now in a position where I can take more risks with my life, see what more is available, expand the stamp collection in my passport, and find ways to help. My goals are to travel, explore, learn, and volunteer my time and energy where I can over the next year (or more). I hope to open my eyes and the eye of others to the beauty of the world and the benefits of giving a piece yourself to causes that matter.

You can reach me using the form below