Hola Lima! 

I started my journey in Lima, Peru. I chose to stay in Ekeko Hostel in the Miraflores district and was not disappointed in my $8/night accommodation. The staff was kind and helpful and in the end I felt like I was staying at the home of a distant Peruvian relative. 

Hostels are fun. Like mom says, “it’s like camp!” Where a lot of travelers from all over sleep in bunks and share bathrooms etc. It is nice talking to folks from all over about where they’re from and where they’re headed. 

Back to Lima… I spent a day wandering the streets of the historical district. Seeing a parade in front of the president’s house and touring the Cathedral of Lima. The architecture is beautiful. But what’s more beautiful is the people. In general, I found that Peruvians were happy and smiley and ready to help – even in times of language barriers!   


I took a 2 hour long bus tour that went up to the Cerro San Cristóbal, a tall hill in the city adorned by a cross. The views of the city were massive and Lima is huge! This tour cost $1.75ish. The exchange rate in Peru is decent. 

Another day I ventured down to the beach – about a 30min walk from the hostel. 

On the way there I found a city park and stopped for a bit because it had free wifi. And then I saw a cat… Then I saw lots of cats. Lots of cats just hanging out on the grass with the people. They would come up to play or a scratch on the head. It was awesome! 

There are a lot of stray cats and dogs in Lima and I’ll probably see more of this throughout Peru. But what I noticed in my observation is that they seemed to live alongside the people fairly well. While no, they’re not all house pets, it seems to me they aren’t treated as a neusence either. Just a normal cohabitation. I can think of worse things. 

Finally, I arrive at the Parc del Amore, which rests on a cliff above the ocean. On one side was a spot where hang gliders took off and on the other were the stairs to the ocean. I wandered down to the water and sat on the pebbly beach for a bit.

   The sun in Peru is unforgiving and my sunscreen didn’t cut it. Lessons learned. 

I’m now sitting on a bus to Cusco where I’ll start my first volunteer mission. Taking the bus was the way to go even if it is a 22hr long haul. I’ve seen a lot of the Peruvian country side and a beautiful sunset.