Little Farm Big Goals

The Vigna, where I’m working, is not very large. Or, at least, it doesn’t have a ton of flat space. They find every ounce of flat land to farm and cultivate organic fruits and vegetables for the community and to offer a beautiful place for the people to go and get hands on with nature.

The summer camps at the farm are great. He brings in many kids of all ages and they spend all day out side learning about nature, about growing food organically, and about animals. The past week or so has been very rewarding for me.Every morning I get there and do a round of basic animal care providing food, fresh water, and a little cleaning. It’s great because the animals rush up to me now when I get there. I think I’m potentially buying their affection with the treats I bring them. But after this, the kids come down to see the animals. and it’s a real pleasure to sit with them and show them how kind and sweet the animals are. Teaching them to touch them softly, “piano… piano…”, as they say in Italian. The kids are great and very receptive.

The kids are also very kind to the fact that I don’t speak much Italian. The older kids will continuously inform the younger kids that I don’t speak Italian, “Non parla italiano, solo inglese!” It’s really adorable, and well appreciated!

(Vincenzo doing activities with the kids. He’s really good with them and likes to joke and have a good time! It’s nice to see.)

(Me… With the sweetest chicken, and cutest little Italian kids!)

So my work here is not as adventurous as it was in the jungle. But, that’s ok, because this work is just as important. The more seeds of kindness we plant in our youth, the better chance we have for the future.

(The life…)