Making the Holidays Memorable on the Road

These past 10 months of travel have been amazing. There are so many wonderful places, people, and interesting things to see in the world. However, lately, I’ve hit a bit of a wall with my travel and homesickness is setting in. I’ve read that this is typical for a long term traveler and for me, I’m sure, the holidays are contributing. But it’s normally a temporary wall, which is good considering I have another 5 months to go on this amazing journey! 

I knew I would probably want to be settled somewhere during the holidays, and being here in Madagascar has been amazing. I arrived before Thanksgiving and am here well past New Years. All of the volunteers and staff here have really made the holiday season special. And I’m grateful to be sharing this time with them!

(Working hard in the kitchen!)

Christmas Day was a blast! We had a ton of food and everyone got in the kitchen and put together something special to share with the others. Hearing Nicole yell, “Are you making a mess in there?!! I just cleaned the kitchen up!”, really brought home the family holiday experience. 

(Big family meal!)

My chickpea avocado salad went over quite well considering it was gone in a matter of moments. I was also super thankful for the vegan desert!  (There are no pictures of this as I was too busy eating to snap a shot. Thanks Sara!)

(Present Time!)

We took some time to exchange gifts Secret Santa style and relaxed throughout the day. I missed my family and friends and our own traditions but couldn’t have picked a better substitute! If you’re considering traveling and/or volunteering over the holidays, I highly suggest you find somewhere you can settle in a bit. It’s not just any other day at home, don’t make any other day on the road! With that I hope everyone is enjoying time with family and friends and has great travel plans ready for the new year. Bring on 2017!