New Jobs, New Adventures, Amazing Views

So this week at MRCI, I started a new job as a part time social media intern. This is a fun change of pace, keeping people updated on their Facebook and Blog. I will still be hiking through the forest most days and working on getting my PADI AOW certification. 

(Island life…)

One of MRCIs most recent accomplishments is getting a reef protected in front of camp and I was happy to be a part of the announcement by writing the blog piece. It’s nice to be able to help on many different levels. I’m also working hard at getting MRCI partnered with my alma mater, ETSU. A university partnership would be great for the organization and hopefully bring more awareness to the great work they’re doing here in Madagascar. 

This week I also went on my first night walk with the foresters. What a fun adventure! We walked through the transect and found all sorts of cool little critters! I spotted a citronel cat eye snake in the tree above me and he was just gorgeous! Normally they’re a brownish gray color but this guy was bright yellow and green! 

(Everyone taking a boat around the island for a night walk.)

(The elusive citronel cat eye… I really love snakes.)

And lastly at the weekend me and some other volunteers made our way to Nosy Iranja, an island paradise about 35 miles from camp. I have never felt sand so soft. Two islands are connected by a stunning sand bar and surrounded by the clearest most beautiful water! I’ve never been anywhere like this ever. It was just breathtaking. For $30, we got transportation and a big lunch. On the way we got a beautiful impromptu whale shark show where we were able to get in the water and swim with them. I’m now seriously considering a day excursion to do just that. The whole day was just so worth it. 

(Whale Shark! Taken by Tia and her GoPro. No GoPro regret sinking in now.)

(Legit paradise…)