Panthera’s Future

Panthera has a large vision for preserving as much land as possible in the Amazon. The best way to do this is to prove the existence of endemic species on available land. This compells the government to protect this land from profit seekers and grant the land rights to sanctuaries like Panthera. 

(Sunset on the Rio Madre de Dios)

This week, a group set out on an expedition to clear a path to an unexplored lake near Panthera. The lake rests on a piece of land that will hopefully be up for grabs soon. Panthera hopes to reach the lake and discover the existence of giant otter, black caimam, or other endemic species. This would strengthen the case for protecting this land against those who may destroy it. 

This area is also thought to be the only known place to sustain a fungus that can actually break down plastics. If we lose this land, we may lose our only answer to our great plastic waste problem. Panthera wants desperately to preserve it. The expedition was a partial success and they hope to reach the lake on the next trip. 

(Water we cross every trip into the jungle.)

(Taking a small boat down the Gamitana creek.)

(Snakes are caught, identified, and released.)

Panthera’s nursery is coming together. I’ve really enjoyed working on this project. When finished, it will be certified and include a procedure room where a vet can work on the animals. This is a big milestone for Panthera and instrumental in their mission to help animals. 

(This beauty unfortunately had to have her wing amputated this past week. She’s very sweet and funny despite her injury and will live her life at Panthera.)

(This boy is a little special as he spent a lot of his life in a backpack. Slowly but surely he’s coming out of his shell and doing so well at Panthera. He’s learning to be a monkey with his other monkey friends.)

(Dinner time!)

As my time at Panthera is coming to an end, I’ve tried to find a way to continue to support their mission. I’ve decided to raise funds to help provide the sanctuary with a solar power system.

Panthera uses a lot of fuel to run a generator for a few hours each day. This generator is used to provide light in the evening, charge electronics, and run a small fridge that keeps a small amount of food somewhat fresh between trips to town. The solar power would provide a constant source of power for research, emergencies, as well as a better way to maintain the food supply in this remote location. This will allow them to support more volunteers and research, all while saving a lot of money on fuel costs. 

Please visit Panthera’s Solar Fundraiser to provide any support you can offer. And share the word!