Set Change – South America to Europe

So leaving South America was bitter sweet. I had fallen in love with Peru while I was there. The people and the landscape just filled my heart. Chile was a bit of a mixed bag of experiences. The people are awesome and I now some great friends, but being sick essentially for a month, was a bit of a turn off. However, I was so happy to get my diving license completed and to make my way to Easter Island. Those are the highlights for sure.

So on my way to Europe I made a quick pitstop in the states. It was good to see my folks. Although mom insisted that all my things smelled and everything had to go in the wash. So it was like old times when mom would wash my clothes, but this time around there were many more interesting topics of discussion!

Steve came down to visit for the weekend I was there. It was good to see him too. My dad took us flying in helicopter, which was great. I’ve been flying with my dad since I was a kid, and it’s always the best time!

(Do I look like a pilot??)

(Me and Steve… And the hat. The jury is still out on a the hat!)

After my brief pitstop, I made my way to London. Post Brexit. It was an interesting atmosphere for sure. One of my best friends, Stef, lives in London so it’s nice to have a home away from home. It was so good to see her after 3 years as well as her gorgeous daughter whom I just adore to pieces.

(Silly Girl!)

(Baby Yogi!!)

(Karaoke… It’s a family tradition.)

Europe is definitely different from South America. I’ve traveled around Europe quite a bit, including more trips to the UK than I can remember, so things familiar here, even though they’re very different from home. Europe is expensive though – way more expensive than South America. I’m fortunate to have friends here to stay with. I did have the very unique opportunity to watch a bunch of lovely British Amateur Dramatics companies have a soccer match off. They weren’t too bad… though, that could have been their acting ability kicking in!

(Lovely London Day!)

I’m currently in Naples, Italy. I’m here to volunteer with the community and help them better understand good sustainable farming practices and the benefits of such. My volunteer work is at Vina di San Martino, an ancient vineyard, olive and fruit farm, and animal sanctuary dedicated to sustainable practices and community education. I’m excited about my placement, while it’s very different than what I did in the jungles of Peru, the visions and goals of such programs are very similar.

(Viva Napoli!)

I’m excited to learn more about the very unique culture that is Napoli as well. Many friends warned me about how “dirty” the city was… but honestly, after a month of limited showering in the jungle, dirt is the least of my worries! Viva Italia!