So… Why Vegan?

I have been vegan for nearly six years now. There’s a lot of hype around being vegan these days and I love all the publicity the life style is getting. So much news in recent years about the health benefits of going vegan, the benefits to the environment, and the obvious benefits to the animals. All of which are amazing reasons to be vegan and they nourish my decision every day. However, there is another more broad idea that drives my vegan life style.


Being vegan for me is about being honest with myself and being responsible to who I am. Honesty is not just about truth telling, but about also receiving and living truth. Or at least being willing to. I have always tried to be a very compassionate person. As I continually making the decision to maintain a vegan life, I make it based on the knowledge that I could not personally take the life of another animal. Especially not when I can live happily and healthfully without doing so. If I am not willing to stand in a factory farm and be a part of the destruction of animals and the environment, then I will not partake in what is produced from that. This is about the simple idea that if one is not willing to sew, then one should not reap what is grown.

To me, that is the definition of living an honest life.

There are many people who believe one cannot live a healthy full life on a plant based diet. And I am personally proud of all the healthy able people and amazing athletes who demonstrate otherwise. One prime example is the recent amazing accomplishment of vegan ultrarunner, Scott Jurek, who ran all 2189 miles of the Appalachian Trail in under 47 days. Jurek is obviously making the most of his life and fueling it on a plant based diet.


The word “kind” is readily used to describe the vegan lifestyle and hence being used in this blog title. This probably sprang from Alicia Silverstone’s Kind Life that promotes a life of being kind to yourself, to the environment, and to the others through living a vegan life. This blog is not primarily a vegan blog. This blog is about getting out, living and learning, and service to others. However, I will readily talk about the vegan challenges and foods I find in my journeys.