So… Why Venture?

Going on an adventure is very ingrained in our DNA. If we didn’t venture, then we didn’t eat. If we didn’t venture, we didn’t grow. These days we venture in many ways. Some venture out through their career, pushing their limits and climbing the ladder. Others venture by growing their family. I have always enjoyed venturing through travel.

Traveling allows for us to experience lives we never knew existed. It allows us to see cultures, landscapes, and creatures that until that moment could have been drawn out in a storybook. Traveling can spark the imagination and desire to learn only found in children and if we let it, it can build us into anything we dream to be.

One of my favorite byproducts of travel is an instant boost in self-confidence. Taking yourself across country, around the world, or even to a new park in a neighboring town instills a sense of confidence, which I rarely find any other way. It feeds my soul.

As cliché as it sounds; the only way we grow as individuals is to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. Doing this in a direction we find meaningful is an amazing way to enrich our lives and there’s no better time than now. So I am taking my “now” and to venture out into the world and find opportunities to volunteer my time and energy in my ultimate push beyond comfort zones in a meaningful direction.