Vaccines & Sick Days

So, as I said before, one of my goals in Chile was to get my rabies vaccine. It’s about 1/9th the cost here than at home. I’ve never had a reaction to a vaccine before so I thought I’d be golden! Golden, I was not.

(Belles Artes Museum)

After the first dose, I got lots of body aches, stomach aches, and general flu like symptoms. All of which made it hard to get out and do things. A few days later I had to take the second dose. The same side effects ensued. However, this time around, I think my immune system was hit and I got a serious case of travelers sickness. This left me in bed for 4 days straight which is not awesome when you’re staying in a hostel dorm with up to 5 other people. Not how you want to spend your time when you’re in a fun new country with good wine and lovely scenery.

(Those are snow peaks in the background- not clouds!)

I did manage to do a few things in this time frame tho, to include complete the majority of my diving instruction and ace my diving exam. Tomorrow I leave for the beach to complete my final dives before being licensed. So thankful I’m feeling better and can start eating somewhat normally again!

(Lovely and colorful Valparaiso)

(Selfie Art… Very Avant Garde with the shipping containers, no?)

(Lots of art in Valparaiso)

Being sick these past few weeks has been a real bummer. However, I reminded myself that, you can’t travel and go hard for a year plus and assume you’ll never be sick or never need rest days. If I was at home there would certainly be days and weeks where I accomplished little. So realizing that made this time a little sweeter and easier to digest.  This is my life now, and regardless where I am and what I am doing, there will be ups and downs.