Vegan does Easter Island

When I was figuring out what to do in Chile, I knew Easter Island had to be on the list. It’s such a beautiful and mysterious place. Before I went, I was doing some research online and cam across a post from another vegan traveler. After reading her post, my excitement took a hit concerning food choices, but as vegans we’re used to not being able to eat great everywhere. However, my experience was very different than her’s and I had no trouble finding vegan options on the island.

Most restaurants I visited had at least a vegetarian option that could be made vegan. And if not, most everyone on the island spoke English well enough that I could explain my needs. I ate veggies over rice, veggies over fries, veggies and hummus. And there were tons of great fresh fruit juices everywhere. I think it was just a matter of looking at the menus and talking to the locals. And if you can’t find anything you like at the restaurants there were several bakeries and super markets with plenty of options to cook at the hostel.

The island was so beautiful. It was very natural and not too resorty. Everyone was very friendly and I was just at peace there. The statues were so interesting to see and every site was very different.

I learned that a few years ago, the island took an initiative to support marine conservation and put measures in place to protect the wild life and not overfish their resources. This is a good step forward for this small Polynesian population and I applaud their efforts.