Vegan Eats in Santiago, Chile

I’ve been in Santiago for nearly a week now and am impressed by how many vegan friendly places there are here compared to Peru. Walking around town I often see “Vegans Welcome Here” or “Bienvenidos Veganos” at many restaurants. This is certainly inspiring given I’ll be here for a month.

While in Santiago I’m staying at Hostel Forestal. It’s a really cute clean hostel with a great breakfast and friendly helpful staff.


(The hostel with its adorable light fixture.)

Just down the street there’s a great little vegan restaurant called Vegan Bueras. This place focuses on nice gormet vegan food and the cost is fairly reasonable at about $10/meal. So even on a travelers budget it can be done. I’ve been twice now. During my first visit, I had the mushroom risotto and it was amazing. And my second visit brought me to a delicious lentil burger. I’ll certainly be going back before I leave!


(Vegan Bueras – such a cute little joint!)


(Amazing mushroom risotto!)

On another note, I’m in love with Thai food and have been craving it for a while. There’s no Thai to be had in Peru (from what I could see). So I’ve experienced two local Thai joints this week. One is Thai Express and they serve market fare. I had a vegan fried rice dish with lots of good vegetables. It was really inexpensive and good. And of course I appreciated their “vegans welcome” sign out front.

The other Thai place is called PadThai Santiago. I chose this place for their English translation and the vegan option on the menu. It was a bit more costly at about $15/meal but it was delicious. Again I had a rice and veggie dish, which was very satisfying!


(PadThai Santiago)

In between these nice meals out, my budget finds me making food at the hostel, which is just fine. At least I know whatever I make is cruelty free!