Yo Vegana in Lima, Peru

So after a day in Lima, Peru I will say it’s both easy and hard being vegan here. 

First, there is some of the most amazing fresh fruit around – particularly the mangos. I love mangos and can eat them every day. But secondly, there’s also a lot of meat on display, particularly chicken. This is very much part of the Peruvian culture and I suspect I’ll face more of this as I continue on with my journey. 

Two phrases to know in Spanish speaking countries: 

  1. Yo vegana (vegano if you’re male) – I’m vegan
  2. Yo no como carne, queso, huervos, o leche. – I don’t eat meat, cheese, eggs, or milk. 

It seems that most places have a fruit or avocado salad that can be ordered. 

Some dear friends of mine who were in Lima earlier in the month suggested I go to Costazul in Miraflores, a nice region in Lima and also where I was staying. Costazul is a seafood restaurant but they suggested the atmosphere was so good I should at least go for a drink and so I did.

Now as a side note, you should know, I’m a big advocate of trying to eat vegan at nonvegan and nonvegetarian restaurants. While its great to be around the like minds of my veg brethren, I think it’s important to show restaurant owners the value of veg options in their menus. And having veg options in their menus will help spread the veg word. 

Anyway, to my surprise, Costazul had a vegetarian menu and a vegan option so I decided to eat there! We started with a traditional and delicious South American  snack of toasted/salted corn nuts (maize tostado) and banana chips. 

The main course was fried rice and beans with sautéed veggies and it was so delicious! 

Since the entire restaurant was watching the Peru/Uruguay football game (and yes, the atmosphere was amazing along with the service!), I added a local Peruvian beer to my meal. With a bottle of still water, the whole meal cost 42 soles or $12.50. Not so bad considering I had enough left over for lunch the next day! 

So if you’re in Lima, I suggest you seek out Costazul in Miraflores. Lovely people and atmosphere, service, and vegan food! 

[On my walk back to the hostel, I stopped at the grocery to get more mangos! Ha!]